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I don’t get sick very often. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I was really sick, which is why I’m creating this blog post so I can look back next time and figure it out.


So. I actually started to get sick on Monday, the 21st of January. It didn’t happen until the evening, and then I started to feel really achy and had a weird dry cough once in a while.

Tuesday, the 22nd I alternated between crazy chills and burning up. At one point I was even drenched in sweat. My cough started to develop some phlegm.

Wednesday the 23rd I still had the aches and my cough was now fully phlegm-y and my lungs felt gross. I was also very tired and my eyes burned a little. I slept terribly at night, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 6am and tossed and turned with crazy feverish random thoughts going through my head that kept me up. Oh, and my nose started to get stuffy.

Thursday the 24th, still phlegm-y with cough. I also lost my appetite, with no interest in food and my stomach feels full/bloated. It has now completely moved into my sinuses and I can’t breathe without medicine. I took my temperature before I went to bed, and I have a fever of 100. I predict tomorrow I will lose the ability to taste food, but I hope not.

Friday the 25th, still no appetite and as predicted I stopped being able to taste food. Nose completely stuffed up, the lack of oxygen is making me have headaches. Still had a fever of 100.  Was finally able to sleep a little at night, which was good.

Saturday the 26th. I can’t believe I am still miserably sick. Nose all stuffy. Took my temperature and the good news is that I don’t have a fever anymore, so there’s that. Still can’t taste. Woke up with a sore throat, but it has since left. Head feels like it will explode. Crabby doesn’t even begin to do my mood justice. Just going to hang out in bed AGAIN all day.

Sunday the 27th. I woke up, amazed that I had actually been able to sleep for a while, enough to have vivid, crazy dreams, one which was super upsetting to me. The other one featured William Shatner and George Wentz, and was also head-scratching but at least amusing. I also woke up being able to breathe out of both nostrils for the first time in forever, which gave me more energy. I still can’t really taste anything very  much, but it’s better. I’m getting glimpses of tasting, so I know I’ll be okay.  I feel much better today, enough to want to knit and actually browse stuff on Pinterest, so yay on getting my attention span back! I am looking forward to sleeping tonight because I think I will get a decent night’s rest in time for me to be prepared for Ryan’s return tomorrow.

I was pretty much better by the 31st of January.

Updated to add the latest stuff.

Long story short, I got sick again the second week of February
(mildly sick with lots of nose mucus and coughing, sinuses Feb 12-15) AND I got super sick again starting February 21!

February 21 - sudden chills and aching, fever.
February 22 - still chills and aching, fever.
February 23 - fever, but no aching, but sinuses clogged, sore throat.
February 24 - no fever, sinuses clogged, sore throat
February 25 - sinuses clogged, ear starts getting clogged, pressure in head, bad sore throat
February 26 - sinuses clogged, ears clogged head feels like cotton ball bad sore throat that comes and goes
February 27 - sinuses clogged, ears clogged, ear infection with discharge in left ear, pink eye, sore throat not so bad

59 days total + 22 days sick = 37%, or over a third of the time being sick over the space of two months.

February 28 - bad pink eye, ear infection, stuffy nose

March 1 - pink eye getting better, ears clogged, stuffy nose, sore throat at night only. Feeling a LOT better, though.

March 2 - pink eye getting better, ears clogged, stuffy nose, sore throat at night only. Well enough to meet up with knitters in the afternoon.

March 3 - pink eye better, ears clogged, stuffy nose, sore throat at night only

March 4- pink eye better, ears clogged, stuffy nose, sore throat at night only

March 5-Pink eye nearly gone, ears still clogged, sore throat at night only, coughing

March 6- Pink eye nearly gone, ears still clogged, coughing. Mild sore throat at bedtime only. Feeling nearly normal except for the clogged ears.

March 20- Stuffy nose reappeared with a headache, tired. Residual cough.