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Today we had a cat hang out* with us in the admin trailer at my work. This is Gorgon, and whenever I say his name I can’t help but think of gorgonzola cheese. He was very sweet, will bite you (with love) if he thinks you shouldn’t be done petting him yet, and loves to talk. He had a good time helping me write memorial cards and playing with the cursor on my monitor. Oh, and the reason he has on that little halter jacket is because Gorgon is leash trained! He walks so well on it, and I have to say—walking a cat is pretty awesome!

*I won’t mention the real reason he was out in the trailer on here, but feel free to email me and ask if you’d like!

This picture sums up perfectly the kind of evening I had tonight.

I didn’t have a good day at work today. There were several things happened that weren’t conducive to my well-being, but the one that stood out the most was the 15 minutes (yes, it was only 15 minutes, but that was all it took) I had to spend interacting with a new woman whom I found entirely unpleasant. It wasn’t even really anything specific, it was more her attitude as a whole that got under my skin. So much so, that even now, it still makes me want to gnash my teeth and insert my foot somewhere. She’s going on my list, alright. I can guarantee that!

Anyway, at least there’s still the perks of working at an animal shelter, being that I got to babysit the most adorable little puppy for about an hour…during which time she peed on my reports, attacked my shoes, tried to help me email, and defeated the ‘evil’ camera strap.She was found wandering around all alone on Francis street by one of our staff, so we took her in.

We’re hoping she wasn’t just abandoned, but there’s a pretty strong chance that that’s what happened.

This morning my work got this cute little tortoise-shell kitten booked in. It was a stray, and it had a broken leg when it was found and brought to us. Since it was a stray, we have no idea how the poor thing broke its leg, but it went to the clinic and got its cute little front paw put in a splint ASAP.

After getting splinted, it was time for food! One of my coworkers set about feeding her baby food with a spoon and it was so darling I just had to take pictures!

Okay, and I took video, too. I couldn’t help it!
I don’t talk about my work a lot on here, because working at a not-for-profit animal shelter can be both heart-breaking* and exhilarating at the same time. But I am really proud of this latest ‘donation’ that we received. Two students from one of the area community colleges came by a few weeks ago and shot a video about the Spokane Humane Society. They did such a great job of putting this little introductory piece together, and I am so proud of my co-worker Dori because she was so sick the day this was filmed, she was practically falling over. But she managed to do an incredible job of talking about the animals, and I insist that everyone who reads this actually watch the video and pass it on…for all the animals who have yet to find a loving home.

*Today we took in a 6 day old bull mastiff puppy because the owner got angry when the momma dog growled at him (she was trying to protect her baby!) and killed her. I swear, sometimes people are just complete assholes!

Kramer vs Kramer*
Since I’ve moved out, I’ve had the two kitties (kitties that I wanted to get, I should point out, since Ryan was all worried about his princess, The Rat) Copper and Jojo and Ryan kept The Rat. It seemed like a logical splitting since The Rat has never wanted any more sisters and has really blossomed since Jojo and Copper aren’t around to harass her. The only the problem is, like most ‘parents’ we have a favorite kitty, and that is Jojo (because she’s the smart, interesting one). Ryan has been begging me to let Jojo come over and stay with him for a few days, and so I finally let him take her on Wednesday. Well, I’ve been missing my kitty and feeling jealous over the love she’s been showing her Daddy, so tonight when Ryan called to talk, it turned into a (semi) serious battle over when she was going to come home. After pausing for a second to cool off, we both realized we sounded just like two divorced parents fighting over the visitation times of our child just for spite. And then we felt a little silly.

Just Another Day In The Office
Today my boss picked up the phone, called my coworker who was sitting in the opposite end of the trailer, and made farting noises into the phone at her. Granted, about 5 seconds earlier she had jokingly referred to him as a pile of shit, but still. I think that just ended any shred of dignity I imagined my boss had, and I am slightly traumatized. My stomach may still be a little sore from laughing, but I’m still traumatized!

My Latest iTunes Purchase
Watching Idol with Karla on Tuesday and my subsequent admission that I loved Whitesnake got me thinking. In truth I have never ever bought any music by Whitesnake, I just enjoyed their videos in the 80s. So tonight I put my money where my mouth is, hopped on iTunes and downloaded “Still of the Night” and “Slow An’ Easy’. So there! *throws the goat*

*Ryan came up with that, and he’s referencing the movie. If you don’t know, read the Wiki.

Where do I even begin? Despite the fact that I grew up in hippie central in Deadwood, Oregon, as soon as I discovered what tie dye was, I made it my life’s mission to scrupulously avoid it. I have never in my life worn anything tie dye. Not even to dress up for Halloween. I have never tie-dyed anything. I may have had to live surrounded by it, but that didn’t mean that I myself had to partake of its horrors.

I was so proud that I had managed to avoid wearing tie dye, and I figured that I’d be able to go my entire life that way…until today. Who knew that having a job would force me to go down in patchouli scented flames?? Today all the shelters in town are having a Meet Your Match event. Unfortunately, those planning it decided it’d be great to not only have T-shirts for the event, but to make the entire thing hippie themed! They took the T-shirts and tie dyed them! Bright orange*! And then told all the employees that they had to wear them!

So this morning I got up, did my usual morning routine, and then heaved a huge sigh and put on the damn t-shirt. Amazingly enough, I didn’t immediately melt or spontaneously combust from sheer mortification. I walked over to the bathroom mirror and took this picture, making sure not to get my face in it. This picture will be the only time you will ever see me like this—EVER. I threw the peace symbol in there, too even though the only peace I’m interested in is the peace of mind I’ll get if I’d be able to take my foot and shove it up a few people’s asses!

*because we’re also part of Mission Orange, an ASPCA program and their theme color is—you guessed it—orange.

…you know, aside from worrying about sliding off the icy roads to my impending death or the depressing turn of events regarding my relationship.

So I’m whiling away the hours in the admin trailer at work along with my fellow coworkers. It’s a typical winter day with its typical winter sounds. And when I mean winter sounds, I mean our day is punctuated by the occasional loud crashing sound of chunks of ice and snow falling off our roof. Sometimes, if it hits the right thing the noise can be pretty spectacular.

Anyway, so since we’re out in the trailer away from the main building, we have to go outside for a while to get to the main shelter to use the bathroom, harass other coworkers, etc, etc. On the way back to the trailer this afternoon I happened to glance up for the first time that day, and what I saw frightened me.

From afar, it doesn’t look so bad, but those icicles are pretty sharp!

This is the view from right underneath that lip of snow. One extra hard door slam and someone’s head might be crushed!

After alerting our accountant Holly to the fact that mother nature and the trailer were conspiring to kill us, I was okay with being resigned to our doom. Holly however, decided that the problem needed to be taken care of immediately and set off to find our resident fix-it man TJ. In the end a potential crisis was averted, and we were able to finish out our work day happy in the knowledge that no one had to go to the hospital…yet.

The expansion of the ToadWorks office is getting pretty close to being complete. Ryan was working on finishing the drywall in his new little office area, and since there wasn’t anyone else around to help him, I sort of felt bad and volunteered to help. I also totally wanted the brownie points I’d get for helping, too.

I’ve never put up drywall before in my life, but I have vague memories of my father doing it for our house when I was a kid. Although when Ryan took me to Lowes to get more, I was surprised by how large the pieces are. They’re 4 feet by 8 feet! And really heavy! Once we got them home, Ryan and I took measurements and he began to cut them into the appropriate size for the ceiling. This is my favorite picture, the one below of Ryan cutting the drywall with all the dust billowing around him and the fluorescent lights shining behind it.

I forgot to take a picture of the ceiling in the very beginning, so this is what it looks like when it’s halfway done.

Ryan said he had to get a picture of me doing something because no one would ever believe that I was actually doing work and that I volunteered to do it without being asked!

Halfway through, Ryan gave himself a “paper cut”, only with his metal tape measure. It wasn’t too bad a cut, but it hurt like hell and bled all over the place…

…which inspired Ryan to go all Jackson Pollock on the wall with his blood.

Here’s the ceiling all finished.

Ryan noticed that our nose hairs had turned white from all the dust given off from cutting the drywall. I know, I know, we should have had masks on, but we like to live dangerously! And hey, didn’t you just love the shock of realizing that you were looking up my nose?

It’s no secret that I abhor meetings. I try to avoid them as much as I can because while I’d rather not have to do any work, I’d rather work than sit around and listen to other people complain endlessly about stuff I can’t fix (I’m sure Ryan is nodding his head vigorously at this statement, because all I ever seem to DO is complain). It’s time out of my life that has been sucked away and I’ll never get it back!

So it was bad enough I had to be involved in a short conference call (I hate conference calls too) today, but then I got roped into joining a wrap up meeting. I was all set to be completely miserable, but halfway through when I saw a board member crocheting, I thought to myself “Well, if she’s sitting there crocheting away and no one’s saying anything, I could certainly be knitting!” So I got up, grabbed my sock I’ve been working on and started knitting (I wasn’t completely bad, though. I still took some notes to keep up appearances).

So there! I thumb my nose at The Man and his Soul-Sucking Corporate Meetings!

I know this picture doesn’t have anything to do with knitting, but I thought it was so funny I just had to include it with this post.

*Double-Pointed Needle. It’s not some abbreviated sex act like DP or DVDA, you dirty minded people!